Sandal Camp

Sandal Camp

I don’t like yelling at people. It doesn’t get the point across any easier and usually the yellee gets nervous and blocks out whatever it is that the yeller is trying to tell them.
I don’t like making people sick. There’s no reason to throw up during or after a workout. If that’s considered a badge of honor, consider me 100% dishonorable.
I don’t like people not knowing why they’re doing something. If you pay for a class, you have a right to know why a certain exercise was selected and how to do it properly.

To provide an alternative class for people who want measurable achievements, I have created Sandal Camp. It is a 30-60 minute class that combines the best of personal training with group fitness.

The first part of the class is actually a mini-lecture where proper form and body mechanics are covered in detail. This is followed by practice of that session’s lifts and possibly some corrective exercises to fix any imbalances discovered during said lifts. Evaluations are constant to ensure that everyone is lifting safely and effectively. Class concludes with stretching, a recap of everyone’s progress towards their personal goals and assignment of “homework”.

People who wish to take this class need to understand that this is a zero-competition environment. You will make mistakes. You will miss lifts. There will be days when not a single thing is going right. That’s why the class practices lifting. There is no judgement or grading if one makes a mistake. Instead, we break down why the lift didn’t go as planned and work on form until it is right. As fair warning, if one does not take the zero-competition concept seriously, they probably will not be able to enjoy the class.

There are frequent breaks in Sandal Camp and these should be utilized fully. Many group fitness classes keep people moving non-stop, as if taking a break is seen as cheating the participants. In Sandal Camp, breaks are provided to prevent people from overexerting themselves and to ensure that they are doing lifts correctly. With resistance training, maximum soreness arrives about 2 days after the session. You may feel like you can do more on Monday, but Wednesday you’ll pay dearly….take the breaks!

As for exercises performed in Sandal Camp, they are literally limitless. Standard compound lifts such as the deadlift and squat are staples of the class, but there are also bodyweight exercises such as the Rolling Plank and 360 Pushup, along with weighted yoga poses and cardio interval training. Each participant has a personalized workout to focus on things they need or want. So while the lifts may look similar, they are in fact different for everyone.

If you want to try a class that builds confidence through understanding and achievement, I invite you to try Sandal Camp. Classes are currently running for the general public on Mondays at 5:50pm and Fridays at 12:00pm at Crosby Recreation Center in Carrollton, Texas (it is still listed under its original name of Strength & Conditioning Camp on the flyers).

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