Liftlazy Whenevercast: You Can’t Burn It Off

not really
With due respect to whoever created this meme, we’d all be dead if the body operated in this manner. You can’t pick and choose what you burn off.

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The Takeaway Points:

  • Chris is trying to limit the length of his rants without much success.
  • Calories are necessary, or we’d all die.
  • You can’t pick and choose which calories you burn off once the food gets in your system.
  • Theoretically, you can burn all calories in your body…this is known as starvation and usually results in a visit from Sally Struthers and/or death.
  • Fat is simply how the body stores energy, much the same as a battery stores electricity.
  • Doing a hard workout 3 hrs after eating a slice of cake is not going to have the effect you want.


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