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Equivalent Exercise Labels On Food. Problems and Solutions.

Good Idea, Wrong Approach


There is a very big difference between the two.

Liftlazy Whenevercast: Education Vs Knowledge


I’m probably not the best source for entertainment but when it comes to information, that’s a different story.

Liftlazy Whenevercast: Training Vs Entertainment


Nature has no problem hurting you and will feel no remorse.

Liftlazy Whenevercast: Heat


Being a trainer is being in the business of fun and games, but it still is a business.

Liftlazy Whenevercast: Dealing With No-Shows


If it takes 2 hours of HIIT to burn off your dinner, how many hours until you drop dead?

Liftlazy Whenevercast: You Can’t Burn It Off


Here’s 15 reasons why your list of 22 reasons isn’t helping you.

Liftlazy Whenevercast: 347 Reasons Why Context Matters


There is no substitute.

Liftlazy Whenevercast: Are You Experienced


Hungry on a long trip?

Liftlazy Whenevercast: Highway Food


Don’t be so quick to judge.

Liftlazy Whenevercast: Looks Aren’t Everything


It ain’t gonna kill you (in moderation).

Liftlazy Whenevercast: Cookies And Happiness


Stop freaking out, all that bbq you ate didn’t throw you off track.

Holiday Recovery (4th of July Version)


Being aware, learning to share, and making friends.

Liftlazy Whenevercast: I’m Gonna Hover


Your friend is full of #!*@.

Liftlazy Whenevercast: The “Friend”


Trust, but verify.

Liftlazy Whenevercast: Why Whenevercast?


Why are you doing that?

Liftlazy Whenevercast: Have A Goal


Dueling Whenevercast!

The Practicality of Healthy Eating


Your Knees Are Powerless!

Knee To Know Basis


Your logic is flawed…fix it!

Liftlazy Whenevercast: False Logic


Just walk away…but not before you read this.

Walk, Don’t Run


Quit using your arms for everything!

Up In Arms


You don’t know what you’re talking about.

You Are Not Fat


Food is fuel, not guilt/evil/bad for you.

New Whenevercast is up: Caloric Context.

??????????For those of you who endure trauma that the sound of my voice, I’ve also written a short companion article to go with it. This way you can get the important points without hearing my Rocky impression. As always, you can listen through the embedded player or download it for whenever.


The best encouragement is you own.

Motivation Just Do It



Don’t believe the hype.

The Context of Fitness



All you have to do is keep your heart rate up.

When Cardio Isn’t



Prepare for dreams to be reality.

A Dream Come True





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